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Share via Email Stephen Hawking at his office at the department of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at Cambridge University in Murdo Macleod for the Guardian The image of Stephen Hawking — who has died aged 76 — in his motorised wheelchair, with head contorted slightly to one side and hands crossed over to work the controls, caught the public imagination, as a true symbol of the triumph of mind over matter. As with the Delphic oracle of ancient Greece, physical impairment seemed compensated by almost supernatural gifts, which allowed his mind to roam the universe freely, upon occasion enigmatically revealing some of its secrets hidden from ordinary mortal view. Of course, such a romanticised image can represent but a partial truth.

Writing an obituary

You know, back when we used to make stuff that went all around the world. Here was a once-proud appliance maker, a household name for some 80 years, folding and vanishing under the apparent pressures of a recession.

At its peak, the company had 1, employees in North America. This was as bad as it gets for a home-grown company. But the biggest question we should be asking—was anyone inside it really surprised?

What happened to W. C Wood was the consequence of a reckless, greedy spending spree that began on Wall Street and would eventually spread to factory towns around North America.

The tombstone was pre-ordered when the owners of W.

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With that move, W. When Red Diamond bought W. Though the company was far from stable—its sales had already been slipping—its troubles only increased under new American ownership. Last month, the company cut workers in Guelph and further slashed spending.

When push comes to shove, private equity firms, including Red Diamond, will do anything to protect their profits. Now workers are out on the streets of Guelph. Private-equity firms like Red Capital are in the business of buying often struggling companies they hope to sell later at a profit.

The biggest problem with these private equity firms is that they strip the companies they buy of assets and flip them for a fast buck. That loads those companies up with dangerous amounts of debt, which sucks out the money demanded by investors.

This arrangement puts those investors first, and pays little attention to employees at the bottom making the products. Before the financial meltdown hit, this booming business of private equity buyouts often went un-scrutinized and was poorly understood by the public. When Red Capital bought W.

Wood, firms like it were raising record billions. Then the bubble burst. Creditors around the world started questioning the easy money offered to private-equity firms, which made their reputations by feeding off risky types of debt. Blaming the recession is only half the story. The workers at W.

Wood was caught up in a risky buying binge that promised quick, easy money for investors. The bubble had to burst.Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage.

While writing the obituary is a great honor, it can also seem like an intimidating responsibility.

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Yes, it is a difficult task and brings you close to a variety of emotions, but it can also be cathartic and healing. The Oregonian obituaries and Death Notices for Portland Oregon area.

Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. The Obituary Society (An Obituary Society Novel Book 1) - Kindle edition by Jessica L. Randall.

writing an obituary

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Obituary Society (An Obituary Society Novel Book 1). Guelph Mercury, 18/11/ So long, W.C. Wood. When the bad news hit that one of Guelph’s most recognizable manufacturing dynasties was saying goodbye to the town it has called home since , it prompted glowing tributes to our city’s golden days of manufacturing.

Stella Taylor Funeral Feb. 18 In Weimar. Mrs. Stella Taylor, age 92, died ofcancer on Feb. 16 in Schulenburg. Funeral services were held at the Hubbard Funeral Home,and burial followed at the Masonic Cemetery [Odd Fellows], with Reverend Judith nationwidesecretarial.com Taylor was born Nov.

29, , in New York.

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