Writing a master thesis introductions

See Methodology Get Ranking Seal Psychologists study and observe various emotional, social, and cognitive behaviors exhibited by individuals and groups in different settings.

Writing a master thesis introductions

A topical outline in contrast to the argument required in graduate writing. It would be very difficult to write a solid argument based on the topical outline in Figure 2. You would be much more likely to end up with a descriptive paper e.

There are a number of other common traps that students fall into in developing their arguments. Please review the following documents to ensure that you do not make similar errors.

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I have stated each key point clearly in one sentence. The logical flow between the key points is clear.

I have nested indented the key points and sub-points to make the flow of the argument clear.

writing a master thesis introductions

I based this sample argument on a book I was reading. Contrast between an argument and a traditional outline Key Points in An Argument Traditional Outline The large-scale industrialization of food production is seriously compromising the quality of our food, and, without a revolution of the masses, both human beings and the planet will experience dire consequences.

Industrial revolution and food The family farm, a traditional foundation of the North American food industry, has been rendered obsolete and noncompetitive. Loss of the family farm Mass production has become the focus of the industry, with most of the agricultural and grazing land now controlled by large corporations running massive food production factories.

Mass production Food is no longer assessed by its nutritional value and taste; the new criteria include durability for transport, size consistency, even ripening time, and volume of produce. Change in assessment criteria Changing the values that drive production has resulted in serious consequences for the quality of food we eat.

Impact on food quality The vitamin and mineral content of most fruits and vegetables has been reduced by half in less than 50 years. Nutritional value What has been added to the food instead are pesticides and other hazardous materials that are by-products of industrialization.

writing a master thesis introductions

Chemical exposure Most North Americans have now forgotten what it is like to savour the flavour of a field-fresh tomato; whole foods are losing flavour and losing their appeal.

Lack of appeal Both the loss of nutritional value and the addition of chemical toxins are already having a dramatic effect on human health.

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Impact on human health Etc. Pawlick,Vancouver, BC: Critically analyzing and extrapolating the argument presented by another writer, as I have demonstrated in Table 2. It forces you to think critically and to synthesize the information into succinct statements using your own words.

However, do not use this as the argument for your paper as if it reflects your own ideas. Exercise 3 Take a few minutes to come up with a purpose and thesis statement that might fit for the argument above.

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Then complete Exercise 3 to put into practice the principles you have learned. Synthesis and integration of the literature At this point, you have a clear argument drafted with key points and sub-points to support the thesis of your paper.

Make sure that each paragraph or group of paragraphs relates to one of the key points in your argument. You may want to copy each of your key points to the first line of the paragraph that elaborates on that point.

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The key point becomes the topic sentence for that paragraph and ensures that the reader can easily follow the flow of your argument.

If you have effectively tracked the sources of your ideas, you may find that you have already clearly supported some of the key points and sub-points in your argument; in other cases, you may need to revise the paragraph s to provide sufficient evidence to support the key point.Sample Dissertation / Thesis Example.

Below you can find samples of thesis/dissertation papers, as well as samples of single chapters and proposals completed by our writers.

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