Write a story to illustrate the saying strike while the iron is hot

Share There are few business interactions where timing can be as critical a factor as those dealing with candidates or hiring managers during the hiring process. After prolonged searches, a department may choose to reevaluate, withdraw, cancel, or postpone the search to another quarter or year. Wait too long, and it will go sour.

Write a story to illustrate the saying strike while the iron is hot

She has fought against it for too long. What is so difficult about telling Dirk he has to leave? After all it is her flat. Dirk coming home drunk from the dog track last night with his mate Dean was the final straw.

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He knew that she had arranged for Sam and Samantha to come round for a meal. She had been talking about it for days. He had even watched her preparing the marinade. Then her guests had had to put up with Dirk and Dean making lewd remarks and swapping dirty jokes.

She was so embarrassed. As soon as Dirk steps through the front door, she will let him know. Strike while the iron is hot. Donna waits and waits. She seethes and smoulders to keep the iron hot, reminding herself of all the occasions he has let her down or abused her.

About all of the times she has had to bail him out. What did she ever see in him? All he was concerned about was his own gratification. End of the month is always fully booked.

write a story to illustrate the saying strike while the iron is hot

The product labelling was wrong. She hears no more of Dirk until the police come calling, two days later. They want her to come down to the station. That morning apparently by a man walking his schnauzer. She is reminded of her rights. Davies and get into the car. Donna gets her coat and locks up.

As they drive downtown, she bursts into tears.

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Her nerves are in tatters. The contestants on The Voice and Strictly Come Dancing are always banging on about being on an emotional roller coaster.

That is not an emotional rollercoaster, that is ego massaging or ego bashing. The times out of sheer frustration she has threatened to kill him. The threats of leaving. The decision to throw him out.

Mrs Fiftey is coming in to identify the body later. I thought she was dead. Well, when I say living I mean he has been treating my flat like a hotel for three years. He deserves everything he fucking … Mabombo, who has come along as the female support officer.

Sergeant Phelon glares at her. Why do Division keep sending him these basket-weaver rookies, he is thinking. It certainly helped with confessions.

They helped clear up a lot of difficult cases. Donna manages to find one positive thing you could say about Dirk. He had a very good solicitor. Max Tempo could get him off anything.

Who else would have been able to get the police to drop charges as diverse as Aggravated Burglary and Indecent Assault.8: Apropos of the last point I remember an author (spoiler: it was probably Lawrence Miles) opining about how modern animation movies take things that should be magical and make them into jobs: toys, monsters, superheroes, even emotions, all structured like a workplace.

"Now here is Orsini alone with his [unfaithful] wife. Orsini grabs the iron fire poker and hits his wife over the head, full force, wham, wham, dead. He drops the fire poker on her corpse and walks briskly out of the room, leaving it for the servants to clean up.

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The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment

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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The saying as it stands, relates to the work of an ironsmith.

The ironsmith sits by the side of his furnace heating the iron rod till it becomes red-hot. That is the right time when he should strike it and mould it in whatever shape he wants.

Strike while Iron is Hot - Essay