Why is there no dialogue between antigone and haemon

The missing dialogue in antigone The Missing Dialogue in Antigone After reading Antigone, one might feel that there is lacking a dialogue between Antigone and Haimon before their deaths. Sophocles does not include any direct communication between the two lovers during this drama. The reader might assume that such a conversation could have taken place but was not included by Sophocles; however, it is my belief that if a conversation occurred between Antigone and Haimon prior to their deaths, Sophocles would have made it a part of his drama.

Why is there no dialogue between antigone and haemon

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Her grandmother was the younger sister of Anotsu's grandfather, which makes them second cousins. In the spin-off series Rock Lee's Springtime of YouthNeji is implied to have more than just familial affection for Hinata, because there is a scene where he imagines the story of Romeo and Julietin which he casts himself as Romeo and Hinata as Juliet.

In his fantasy, they're called Nejio and Hinaette and look at one another with sparkles in their eyes, before they run towards each other and embrace lovingly.

Why is there no dialogue between antigone and haemon

In the same series, he gets so angry when he hears about Hinata trying to date Naruto, that he attacks Hinata in fury, and it's not just the big brother instinct anymore, but plain jealousy.

Never you and Naruto doing things like that it's an infamy! There is also chapter 20, where Neji gets a severe nosebleed when he hears about Hinata's breasts getting even bigger than they already were.

Lee's comments about how freakishly similar all the Hyuugas look to each other, even by family standards, might also be hinting at just how close the Hyuugas are.

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Neji also acts like a pervert towards the female characters in the Road To Ninja alternate universe movie, including Hinata. Preview scenes and the trailer show that he acts like this especially towards Hinata.

In canonNeji remarked to his father that Hinata was beautiful when they first met. When he was 4 and she was 3. Karin showed some interest in Naruto at one point. Consider the fact that they're both from the Uzumaki clan.

Her attraction to Sasuke is also this to a lesser degree, since the Uzumaki and Uchiha are genetically related, however distantly. Such practice is not unusual; the two clans tend to trade marriage partners to maintain their ancestral connection. On top of that, the arrangement allowed Hashirama to keep an eye on Kurama, who was sealed within Mito.

However, their exact relatedness is not stated. Then, of course, the final arc reveals that the Hyuga are related to the Senju, Uzumaki, and Uchiha.

Why is there no dialogue between antigone and haemon

Naruto ends up marrying Hinata, the Hyuga princess par excellence. Though since their known most recent common ancestor lived hundreds of years ago, it doesn't pose much problem.

In fact, it's because they're cousins that they're able to save the love lives of their entire school by calling on the powers of their ancestors. It was published with other short manga in Japan, but the only official English translation is as an extra in the last volume of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.

Renge tries to encourage them to play it up a few times. But they didn't remove the subtext successfully, rendering them lesbian kissing cousins.

When Nelvana Macekred Cardcaptor Sakura into Cardcaptors they made two of Sakura's classmates who were clearly fond of each other, with a snarky, cute relationship, into cousins.Just announced as the winner of Women's Prize for Fiction.

So happy the novel finally got the recognition it deserves. * rounded up. Home Fire is the candidate I support to win the Booker Prize. The Chorus sees Creon’s son Haemon approaching and wonders what he thinks of Antigone’s arrest. When Creon questions him about his loyalties, Haemon replies that no woman is as important as his father and that he will obey Creon.

Pleased, the king praises his son’s wisdom. Haemon reports that. The play opens with the dialogue between Antigone and her sister Ismene. In this dialogue you see that Antigone feels that the law that Creon has laid down is primarily directed towards herself and Ismene. Haemon is betrothed to Antigone.

He must choose between his father (whom he has always followed) and his lover Antigone. He chooses Antigone but cannot separate himself from either because of the strong ties of family and love. Similarly, his psychology reflects that of the simplest logic and reason - his only concern is preserving his life, and he asks basic questions, contrasting with Creon, Haemon, Ismene, and Antigone's lofty speeches on principles and ethics.

But there's one more complication to her law-breaking: Antigone happens to be engaged to Creon's son Haemon. Talk about awkward in-law relations.

Talk about awkward in-law relations.

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