Touching bottom short story essay

September 20, Hip Dysplasia: Why we should burn forward facing baby carriers I was sitting on the London underground today when I saw something that made me beam and hiccup a sob simultaneously.

Touching bottom short story essay

The female narrator in "Touching Bottom" by Kari Strutt, when we are first introduced to her, is presented to us as the female norm.

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There was nothing remarkable about her; she was devoted to her father, to what suggestions he made for her "You should learn how to swim" The marriage of the narrator and the man from Los Angeles got off on the wrong foot. That kind of water made my throat open too wide to bring the air into my lungs, made me breathe fast, out of control.

I lived there for four years with my husband. He came to Canada on business, to the art gallery where I worked, and swept my away to Los Angeles on a blue wave of charm.

He said I would be sorry.

Touching bottom short story essay

He said, 'His mid-life crisis will pass soon enough and you'll be stuck in California, like a fish out of water. He didn't the day I got married I felt lonely and afraid. In this act, we see a glimmer of independence coming from her, as if she really has decided s0mething on her own.

Naturally, she is not comfortable making her father unhappy, yet In this peculiar situation, the audience is confused, and wonders what hides behind the mute woman. Except now, is she dependant on her husband?

Can she even support herself in any decision she makes? The conclusion one must arrive at is that this woman still is not brave enough to "touch bottom", to reach the ground and be able to be O.

There is a sense of uncomfortableness in everything she has experienced- in swimming, at her wedding, and later, we will observe, in her marriage. Traditionally, women are called upon to do the man's bidding, but in the society our narrator resides in, albeit the still-enduring handicap on today's women, there is no such thing as having to follow the restrictions that once constricted the minds and bodies of the female sex.

The turning point in this woman's story occurs during a trip to the beach with her stepson, Ian, and her husband. I didn't really want to go because of the kind of water it was.

He was lying in the sand, pretending to not watch the bronzed, blonde girls playing beach volleyball I was swimming and wondering if, in California, it was okay for a married man to lie on the beach watching girls while his second wife entertained his son.I make Baby Carriers for a living so this is something close to my heart.

I hate to see people wearing their babies facing out:0(if these people look at their baby in a carrier facing out and imagined “sitting” in a similar position they would soon realise how uncomfortable their baby will be after only a short time of being carried.

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While the details of this story may differ from yours, I ask you to go forth and share the light within you. This is a tribute to my birth parents – because of their unconditional love I am able to share my passions with the world – I thank you from the bottom .

Harlan Jay Ellison (May 27, – June 28, ) was an American writer, known for his prolific and influential work in New Wave speculative fiction, and for his outspoken, combative personality. Robert Bloch, the author of Psycho, described Ellison as "the only living organism I know whose natural habitat is hot water"..

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