Services sector in pakistan

Global Forums Pakistan Pakistan has gone through devolution of its services related public sectors including health sector with the 18th amendment in its constitution effective from June 28, The Federal Ministry of Health MoH has been dissolved and now the overall responsibility for health services policy direction and planning has been devolved to the provinces. Since devolution the major HRH challenges include:

Services sector in pakistan

Investing in Pakistan November 26, Filed under: Security NOW that the financial emergency is over with Saudi and Chinese financial supportand hopefully an IMF programme will be in place soon, the government must turn to adopting the trade, industry and investment policies required to accelerate growth, generate jobs, restrain imports and expand exports on a sustained basis.

Services sector in pakistan an initial step, the sectors and products which have the greatest potential for export growth should be identified and promoted.

It has been stagnant for several years due to low investment in modern machinery, energy shortages, an artificially strong rupee and inadequate efforts to integrate into global supply and retail networks. Both the government and industry appear ready to redress these deficits.

Sectors and products with the greatest potential for export growth should be identified and promoted. Agriculture also has bright prospects.

Pakistan is food self-sufficient. Yet, its agricultural yields are comparatively low. A considerable agricultural surplus can be generated through the application of new technologies and techniques; improved seeds, planting and harvesting methods; efficient irrigation and fertiliser use; better storage facilities, access to markets, packaging and branding.

But, with its high propensity for consumption, Pakistan imports all kinds of manufactured goods. Low industrialisation is a consequence of the folly of past unthinking trade liberalisation. No one will manufacture an item in Pakistan if it can be more cheaply imported into the country.

Pakistan can industrialise only if the government acts decisively to protect and promote its infant industries until they are in a position to compete with regional and global producers. Affordable and indigenous energy will be key to sustained growth. Renewable energy must be the clear preference.

Despite high capital outlays, hydropower costs three cents per kilowatt hour. And solar power at four to five cents and wind at seven to eight cents are cheaper than imported fossil fuels and can serve off-grid areas.

Services sector in pakistan

Approvals for the pending 2, MW solar and wind projects mentioned by the Sindh energy minister should be speedily issued. The installation of one or more solar panel production plants in Pakistan would be a profitable venture. Pakistan may have delayed exploiting Thar coal far too long.

Reportedly, electricity from the Thar coal power plants will cost eight cents per kilowatt hour. The environmental impact of coal power plants will be enormous. Future financing for coal-fired plants may not be available, unless new technologies can offer solutions.

The Sindh government, for example, has been introduced to a technology which claims to capture waste coal flue gases and transform them into profitable products — ammonia, water or methanol — thus resolving both the environmental and economic problems encountered by coal.

It was conceived not only as a transshipment port but also as a petrochemical centre. The planned Saudi refinery is a first step towards that vision. Crude and white oil pipelines from Gwadar upcountry and to China should be the next objectives. China is providing the heavy financing required.

Health facilities need to be built up, including through public-private partnerships. Adequate financing and expertise will have to be mobilised, domestically and internationally, to restructure and revive the myriad public corporations.

Close interaction between the government, the Pakistan Business Council and the various chambers is essential. Externally, China can be expected to maintain and enlarge its commitments under CPEC, especially if projects are efficiently executed.

Chinese companies could be encouraged to take larger equity stakes in commercial projects. Given the positive Saudi and UAE positions, considerable investment can be mobilised from the numerous sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, private equity funds, banks and family offices in the GCC.

The government should encourage the creation of Pakistan-focused private equity funds to enlarge its financing sources and options.

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The government must gird up for this vital task.Singapore, (Pakistan Point News - 30th Oct, ):Singapore Monday announced a wide-ranging plan to boost its financial services sector, saying it aimed to grow the industry by over four percent a year and create thousands of jobs.

Akhtar et al. 1. Introduction Services sector of Pakistan has reached to % of GDP in , which is highest level for the share of services in the history of the economy of Pakistan.

SMEDA is the flagship organization of Pakistan which is providing the necessary services to help SMEs overcome the weaknesses that are endogenous to their very nature. It is an autonomous body working under the umbrella of the Ministry of Industries & Production and contributes towards the growth and development of SMEs in Pakistan through.

Pakistan is a forest-poor country, mainly due to arid and semi-arid climate in large parts of the country. According to the Forestry Sector Master Plan (FSMP), , natural forests accounted for million ha (%), irrigated plantations occupied , ha (%) and.

Here in Pakistan, impose taxes as much as you can without any rationale on any sector which is growing.


Telecom users are growing rapidly and I am sure will cross 15 Million in Pakistan., Karachi, Pakistan. 49 likes · 53 talking about this.

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Services sector in pakistan

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