Rabbit proof fence film techniques essay

In the introductory lecture our attention was focused on a number of core themes which run throughout the course.

Rabbit proof fence film techniques essay

The invaders are taking away the children and placing them in camps. Only three manage to escape on their epic journey home they must cross through enemy occupied territory, never knowing friend from foe. Both these texts use the language of empathy to impose their perspectives on their audience.

There are many techniques used to enable the audience to embrace this perspective. Phillip Noyce, director of Rabbit Proof Fence not only portrays the colonial setting of the time but also treats the story with respect and understanding of the cultural protocols that are required.

The Film is authentic as it is based on a true story.

Rabbit proof fence film techniques essay

The authenticity of the film can be proven as it has been recorded in the local press as well as in the archives of the department of Native affairs. Furthermore Molly and Daisy are still alive and footage of them is shown at the end of the film.

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This footage gives the film a sense of reality. Molly can speak from personal experience, as she was part of the stolen generation. Phillip Noyce uses the universal language of emotions to change peoples perspectives of the stolen generation.

This is achieved not just domestically but internationally. The audience are able to strongly identify themselves with the three girls due to the fact that they are young, innocent and powerless.

The audience can easily connect with the girls for we have all been children. Carmel Bird has used a written text that contains a report of separate oral accounts of the indigenous peoples past she seeks to detail the differing situations and outcomes of these people.

The film Rabbit Proof Fence stands as one story that represents them all. The distinct importance of the individual voices in The Stolen Children is replaced in the film by an intense visual.

Another film technique used is the first person film technique that has the effect of portraying the events of the stolen generations as if they were not witnessed out side the view of history, thus accurately capturing the brutality of government policy towards the indigenous population.

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Another technique is the use of music to create the mood and atmosphere. Gabriel has successfully blended traditional aboriginal instruments such as the didgeridoo with the modern instruments to withdraw dramatic emotion.

Ironically the same people who wanted to keep them from home had built the fence that guided them home. The decisive moment in the chase that structures Rabbit Proof Fence is the confusion between two rabbit proof fences.

The girls have unwillingly found themselves on the wrong fence this mistake miraculously saved them from being recaptured by Mr Neville. The Rabbit Proof Fence is used as a device to enact the defeat of the unalterable linear of aboriginal people, over the attempt at systematic genocide.

Rabbit proof fence film techniques essay

Thus drawing a parallel between Aboriginal liberation and incarceration. A British actor plays this character in order to highlight that the racist perspectives are remnants from the British Colonial era.

If it is not dealt with now it will fester for years to come. These children are that problem. The loss of identity. The mission is where the indigenous people are stripped of their linear; this is depicted in several ways.

They are not allowed to speak their own language this lead to loss of language culture. The longer you seem to be at the mission the more of your culture you forget.Phillip Noyce's 'Rabbit Proof Fence' expresses many of the values and attitudes regarding respect and dignity.

This is clearly shown by the unjust policy enforced by the government during the 's with the mistreatment of the aboriginal people. The film is framed this way to alert the viewer to the fact that Molly is literally waking up, and that her eyes are fixed first on the spirit bird and then on her destination as Rabbit Proof Fence Film Techniques.

The film Rabbit Proof Fence stands as one story that represents them all. The distinct importance of the individual voices in The Stolen Children is replaced in the film by an intense visual.

This visual representation emphasised through the use of symbols, such as the fence and the eagle, which symbolises Molly’s freedom. Rabbit Proof Fence Essay example.

different techniques in the film ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ directed by Phillip Noyce, The book cover ‘Odyssey’ by homer illustrated by Alan Baker and the poem ‘Night Ride’ by Kenneth Slessor.

After watching the movie you realise there is one cinematography technique which people normally leave out. and that is symbolism The usage of symbolism in Rabbit Proof Fence is used to research the construct that the journey affairs and non the finish does non truly. "Film Techniques In Rabbit Proof Fence" Essays and Research Papers.

Film Techniques In Rabbit Proof Fence. Essay on Rabbit Proof Fence The film Rabbit Proof Fence is reminiscent of a war story as the country has been invaded and taken over. The invaders are taking away the children and placing them in camps.

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