Pr09 final business plan

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Pr09 final business plan

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Jussi Pelkonen Degree Programme: Business plan for an online store Hockeystore. It provides an insight on e-business and different aspects of marketing related to the concept of an online store.

It also discusses the theory of marketing and e-business combined with the practice of a business plan. This paper is for the people who are interested in e-business especially from a marketing point of view and who are searching for information on how to start an online store.

The thesis begins with the presentation of the business idea followed by the mission and the vision of the company.

The following part provides background information on e-business and e- commerce and some information on the online shopping behavior of the people in Finland.

This section also covers the advantages and challenges of e-business. The next section is the largest for it is the marketing section of the thesis.

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This section provides theoretical information on marketing and marketing strategies, which are then adapted to the case of Hockeystore.

It will go through such things as market segmentation and definition, followed by the marketing strategy containing PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, a marketing mix and the generic strategies of Michael E. The last section of the thesis is very practical as it is constructed of information on logistics and finally a rough budget in the end.

In many cases in B2C businesses this means creating an online store or a web store. In addition the number of companies that operate almost fully through the Internet is growing all the time.

The great impact that the Internet has had on the global marketplace is well said by Peter F. The explosive emerge of the internet as a major, perhaps eventually major, worldwide distribution channel for goods, for services, and, surprisingly, for managerial and professional jobs is profoundly changing economies, markets, and industry structures; products and services and their flow; consumer segmentation, consumer values, and consumer behavior; jobs and labor markets.

It is also a sport, which brings up a lot of feelings and good memories for many Finns. Although the sport is so popular, the amount of web stores selling ice hockey products is minimal. I have been looking up these stores and I have found out that these stores are almost unknown and the execution of these online stores is quite poor.

I have always admired entrepreneurship and hoped that some day I will have what it takes to be one. The TAMK International Business program has given me great knowledge in all aspects of business and provides an excellent start for also entrepreneurship.

Theory, Process, Practice p. There are many problems and business related issues when making a business plan for a new company.

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This thesis will provide an outlook on what type of issues should be taken in to consideration before starting an online store.

There will be some background information on the state of the online shopping in Finland and also we will take a look at the advantages and challenges of e-business.

This thesis concentrates mainly on the marketing point of view of the e-business, which means that there will be PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, a marketing strategy and other marketing related issues in the middle section of the thesis. Logistics is also an important part of e-business and online shopping and it will be discusses in the end part of this thesis.

The products will be ordered straight from the importers in Finland. The headquarters will be located in Helsinki or Tampere, for the best delivery and distribution possibilities.

The product range will be wide including everything you need for ice hockey from hockey sticks to shoulder pads. There will also be special offers of the whole package, which contains everything you need when you start playing ice hockey. Key elements of the company will be great customer service, fast delivery time and a good price quality ratio.

The online store will also be made so that the consumer will find it simple and easy to navigate. There is also a possibility that we might sell used, second hand, ice hockey equipment and that way having a much larger consumer base.

pr09 final business plan

The company will be called Hockeystore. Accomplish a steady cash flow and long term business partners.Northumbrian Wat er Limited PR09 Final Business Plan Part B3S: Maintaining Service and Serviceability Sewerage Service– Contents Version: Final 1 of April Section C5 Proposed Work Programmes and Expenditure Projections Version: Public Domain 2 of 44 April Northumbrian Water Limited PR09 Final Business Plan.

Consulting and professional services for hybrid mail and hybrid messaging, e-commerce, e-business, e-service, messaging, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, webhosting. Final Business Plan for to Part A - Overall Company Strategy April Part of the Periodic Review (PR09) 2 Introduction This document is a high level summary of the Company’s Final Business Plan (FBP) submission to Ofwat.

It describes the Company’s investment plans for the next five years, how they fit into , while the. Our Final Business Plan (FBP) submission is part of Ofwat’s (the Water Services Regulation Authority) price setting process for the water industry real time Grid management • Expand the Grid in a measured way • Research variable and dynamic abstraction licences PR09 Final Business Plan – The first five years progress.

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pr09 final business plan
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