Master thesis presentation speech ideas

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Master thesis presentation speech ideas

Similarly interesting and unexplored topics would serve as ideal subject matter for further research through a graduate thesis project.

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Here we help explain the reasoning behind selecting a graduate program with a thesis track and the purpose this kind of program would serve, both for individual graduate students and the field of speech-language pathology. The thesis requirement is considered optional. Other reasons to take on optional thesis projects might include a genuine interest and curiosity in the subject being investigated, or a desire to focus on that topic as an area of specialization when going into general practice after graduation.

Because SLP programs require an extensive clinical practicum of as many as hours, not to mention the fact that graduate students must prepare for a post-graduate fellowship of as many as 1, hours, there would be very little time to take on a project and dedicate the depth of research that a thesis requires.

Most thesis track programs make up for this, in part, by allowing thesis-candidate students to audit some of their coursework, reducing the amount of time spent in class.

master thesis presentation speech ideas

Still, this alone rarely opens up the kind of time required to take on a thesis project. From Proposal to Defense There are a great number of formal steps required in researching, writing, and presenting a thesis.

These will vary from program to program. Six Stages of a Thesis Project Generally, there are six primary stages to undertaking a thesis project: The Thesis Proposal In conjunction with the adviser, the student will determine a thesis topic and create the proposal document.

master thesis presentation speech ideas

This is a substantial document in its own right and will essentially outline the process that the student hopes to follow in the course of the research project, detailing the elements required to prove or disprove the thesis statement.

The proposal should include: An introduction to the topic A review of existing literature that touches on the subject, including previous research into the matter An outline of the methods and procedures the student proposes to use to perform original research on the subject It is likely to take several months and a number of rounds of revisions to put together a solid thesis proposal.

The thesis committee must approve the proposal before any actual work begins on the project. Their goal in approving it will be to ensure that, if the methods and procedures outlined are followed, they will be able to approve the results of the project regardless of the actual conclusions.

The Thesis Project The larger part of the time spent on a thesis project will be spent doing the basic research required to substantiate the thesis statement.

As outlined in the methods and procedures section of the proposal, the student will undertake original research into the subject of the thesis.

This could include … Conducting in-depth study of data generated from other research projects Conducting supervised studies directly with patients Working in conjunction with other SLPs to accumulate data in the field After enough data has been gathered, the student will follow the methods outlined in their proposal to analyze it and draw forth conclusions about the thesis statement.

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Bringing all of these components together results in the thesis paper itself. The paper usually is divided into seven distinct parts: An introduction to the subject A review of existing literature on the subject The methodology with which the original research or investigation was conducted The results of that research A discussion of the results and their bearing on the thesis statement and what conclusions can be drawn from them An overall summary of the paper Citations and references This can run to more than pages of tightly reasoned, focused, legible writing.

The Thesis Defense Presenting the results and report of the thesis project to the thesis committee for final approval and acceptance is known as conducting the thesis defense.

Although it is very unusual for a thesis to be rejected, the process of going in front of several highly qualified and experienced professors to explain and defend the ideas and work that went into the project is intimidating.

The defense begins with the candidate providing copies of the thesis paper to all the members of the committee for their review several weeks before the final presentation.

At that presentation, the candidate is expected to speak for an hour or more to concisely but rigorously present the results and conclusions of the thesis paper.

After the presentation, two or more hours will be spent with the committee asking questions and probing the candidate about the paper. Their goal will be to establish that the candidate genuinely understands the material, and that the research and conclusions presented are all accurate.Sep 12,  · In your Master's thesis, you must answer the thesis question with conviction and clarity in the written presentation submitted to complete a Master's degree.

Make sure that your question and the answers provided will provide original content to the body of research in existence%(64). Sep 05,  · Thesis Defense Oral Presentation about dissertation ideas for physical education. Master thesis handbook and Thesis defense oral presentation in write online.

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Speech-Language Pathology Master’s Programs Offering a Thesis Track As speech-language pathology continues to extend its reach to serve diverse patient populations with an equally diverse set of challenges related to speech, language, articulation, feeding and swallowing, the field presents no shortage of topics that would benefit from.

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