Mail order brides is it ethical rough draft

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Mail order brides is it ethical rough draft

Your intentions are good. Comment by 90tiger - Pingback: Comment by anotherdfa - September 9, at We were generating revenue from this effort and we could hire them, or they had just built up their resumes and improved their chances of finding a paying job. I would have thought you of all people would have seen that.

Mail order brides is it ethical rough draft

Comment by anotherdfa - September 9, at 9: All your blathering about how to make money off free content by controlling distribution and now this. Why would you want to do it if you saw no monetary value from it? Yes, it is relevant to bring up outsized NBA salaries.

Lets say you get your 20 interns working for free. During this time you get all their ideas and hard work for free. Why would you need to hire them? What is the incentive for you to keep them, when you can just get another group of free interns next year.

The statistics you want for the Mavs and the videos etc. Well you know it will have barely any chance of being successful for revenue as you have stated, so the interns have probably no chance at being hired as a result.

Everyone wants to work for Mr. Cuban and they have barely a chance. You might hire 1 intern out of Well that is not a sporting chance. It is not like Broadcast.


This is one of the first times I agree with the government. James Blunt Then you get all there ability for a year all their sweat equity.

Comment by wildwhitewoody - Pingback: Or has the govt decided that commission is illegal too. This is especially ironic because of the many unemployed — but also the gap with job openings.

Last I checked there were 3 million job openings — despite the record number of unemployed. What does this mean? It means that there are tons of jobs open and the companies cant find anyone qualified for them.

Search for engineering jobs for example. In my industry, financial services, thousands of bright ex-Lehman and other people are jobless — many openings but all for very specialized traders and Chinese speakers etc.

Unpaid internships can help the interns, the company and the country. I think this is good. The idea of an internship is to learn something during on-the-job training.

Comment by burtchen - September 9, at 1: I lived on money earned from scholarships and grants during school — they are out there. If I wanted to go to get an education, I had to find a way to do it.

I would be in big trouble if I put all my value in what I was making versus what I was experiencing. Comment by nicksalz - September 9, at This one is different. I was an unpaid intern for a MLB team 12 years ago.

The project I worked on was similar to what you want to accomplish with your unpaid interns. A experiment in which there is no precedent because you are a forward looking organization, looking to push the envelope to benefit your current or prospective customers.

That contract can only be traced back to three free interns and a hardly paid front office employee. Although the program no longer exists in that organization, other professional sports franchises adapted and use it to this day.The article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system.

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