Macro environment and pestel analysis for kfc in india

Its revenue has grown more than 30 times since then. A lot has happened in less than fifty years. However, the fast food industry has responded well to these changing trends.

Macro environment and pestel analysis for kfc in india

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Refresh India, officially known as the Republic of India, is the seventh largest country by area, and the second most populous in the world with more than 1. For the past decade or so, India has been experiencing a constant growth in its GDP, along with a continuous growth of liberalization from till date.

The country has also been opening its doors to attract investors and foreign companies to further promote growth.

An Overview of the PESTEL Framework

What is Pestle Analysis? Political Factors Being one of the largest democracies in the world, India runs on a federal form of government.

Macro environment and pestel analysis for kfc in india

As a result, the business environment in India is affected by multivariate political factors. The taxation system is well-developed and several taxes, such as income tax, services tax and sales tax are imposed by the Union Government.

Other taxes, such as octroi and utilities, are taken care of by local bodies. Privatization is also influenced and the government encourages free business through a variety of programs.

Macro environment and pestel analysis for kfc in india

Economic Factors The economy of India has been significantly stable, since the introduction of the industrial reform policies in Social Factors The social factors refer to any changes in trends which would impact a business environment.

India has a population of more than 1. Therefore, there are structures with percentages according to age. These structures contain varying flexibility, in education, work attitudes, income distribution, and so on.

Technological Factors Technology significantly influences product development and also introduces fresh cost-cutting processes. India is served with both 3G and 4G technology which has facilitated several of their technological projects.

Furthermore, the country also possesses one of the strongest IT sectors in the world, promoting constant IT development, software upgrades and other technological advancements. Recently, India has also attempted to launch their satellites into space.

However, when it comes to environmentthe quality of air in India has been adversely affected by industrialization and urbanization, also resulting in health problems. As a result, there have been establishments of environmental pressure groups, noise controls, and regulations on waste control and disposal.Kentucky Fried Chicken was the first chain to enter the fast-food industry and also Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most world’s popular chicken restaurant chain.

They had more than 11, outlets around the world in 85 countries. The fast food business in India is growing because large numbers of foreign restaurant chains have entered the Indian market like, McDonald’s, KFC, and Dominos. Here is a PESTEL analysis to show how the various forces affect the retail industry.

Political: Political factors like government policies and regulation of the retail industry affect its revenue and profitability. Kentucky Fried Chicken was the first chain to enter the fa st-food industry and also Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most world s popular chicken restaurant chain.

In their home country United States there are companies which just tried not to pass the globalization. PESTEL/PEST Analysis of KFC. is a strategic tool which has been utilized by the strategists and marketers to determine and analyze the external or Macro-environmental factors that could have positive and negative impact on Organization.

This articles will discuss the PESTEL or PEST analysis of KFC to perform analysis of external factors. Part 1: Analysis of Micro and Macro External Environment PESTEL Analysis The external factors can be KFC IN INDIA PRESENTATION ON THE CASE STUDY OF KFC IN INDIA Daniel maina Hillary Omondi Senjuur Cheworei Rosa Okode Ratemo PESTEL Analysis An analysis of the macro-environment has been carried out using .

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