How to write a scholarship recommendation letter for a friend

SHARE Facebook If you have been asked to complete a letter of recommendation for a college scholarship for an aspiring college student, it is important to know what makes an effective letter. Generally, students will ask a teacher, counselor, or other educational representatives to complete this type of recommendation letter. To accomplish this objective, you should note that there are two things that should almost always be included in these letters. Your Experience With The Applicant Your experience with the applicant is one of the most important aspects of the letter of recommendation you write for the student.

How to write a scholarship recommendation letter for a friend

Decline such a request if you cannot honestly vouch for a friend's professional qualifications. It is appropriate to write a reference letter for a friend if you have experience working with her, particularly as a supervisor.

Character reference letters- For friend, relative, personal employment

Help a friend by writing a reference letter that is both enthusiastic and professional. Ask your friend to provide you with a job description for the position he is applying for. Review the description and familiarize yourself with the skills and experience that it requires.

Ask your friend for the name and address of the appropriate job contact. Follow business letter protocol, such as using the salutation "Dear" and a courtesy title, such as Mr. Write an introductory paragraph explaining the reason for your letter and who you are recommending.

Give a brief overview of your professional relationship. For example, indicate that you were her supervisor for three years. Keep it professional by avoiding any mention of your personal relationship.

Write a second paragraph summarizing your friend's qualifications. Describe skills that match those that the employer is seeking. Give examples of how your friend used these skills professionally by giving specific examples that you observed.

Write a concluding paragraph that states your confidence in your friend's qualifications for the job. Offer to discuss her qualifications and experience in greater detail and provide a contact number where you can be reached during business hours.

Finish the letter with a closing such as "Yours truly" or "Sincerely," followed by your name, title and company.

how to write a scholarship recommendation letter for a friend

Tip Write your letter of reference on company letterhead that includes the name and address of your organization. This will add credibility to the letter. Warning Don't lie or stretch the truth to benefit your friend. This can potentially cause trouble for your friend if the truth is revealed.

Ricketts How to Write It:May 14,  · How to write a great letter of recommendation sample Rhonda Malomet. Insider's Guide to Writing a Great Letter of Recommendation - Duration: How to write a Letter of recommendation.

Copied! I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for John Doe. I have worked with many teachers and teacher interns over my thirty-year teaching career, and he stands out among them.

Sample personal letters of recommendation are somewhat different if you are writing for a friend. In this case, sample personal letters of recommendation that focus on the work site just won't work.

how to write a scholarship recommendation letter for a friend

For this example, the name and address section, on the top . Download a free Letter of Recommendation for College Scholarship to make your document professional and perfect. Find other professionally designed templates in TidyForm. A sample letter for the Mitchell Scholarship demonstrates a well-crafted and favorable recommendation.

Here, the writer is unafraid to use words like “outstanding,” “advanced” and “fascinating” in order to describe a student, and the letter provides an extensive amount of detail about the courses the student has taken in the past and how well that student performed in those courses.

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