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Share3 Shares No-one can truly be a know-it-all, because quite frankly, we are not allowed to know everything. And the government makes sure of it; this is done via a series of secrecy and privacy laws which tend to differ from country to country, but largely remain the same. Of course it is our right as citizens to know as much as we can, to keep those government blinds slanted open by all means necessary such as via the Freedom of Information Act — a.

Government stuff

25 Things President Obama Should (At Least Try To) Change

They are not, as many people seem to believe, king of the country. Our 3 branch separation of powers places firm limits on what the President can unilaterally do or change.

Still, we rightly look Government stuff the President as the most powerful person on Earth and at least hope he will try to change things for the better. In that vein, here are 25 things that President-elect Barack Obama should at least try to change.

Get us out of Iraq Though many Democrats have overstated the necessesity to end the Iraq war, it does need to end. What began as a noble quest to depose a terrible and potentially dangerous dictator has metastasized into an open-ended sinkhole of American lives, time, and money.

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No one knows what we are waiting for to declare victory or defeat. President Obama should either define such a goal and promptly meet it, or begin withdrawing our troops.

Jump start the economy following the financial meltdown Obama spent the latter part of his campaign stating that the current financial meltdown is the worst economic problem since the Great Depression.

Regardless, the onus is clearly on President-elect Obama to help jump start the economy and rebuild consumer confidence. Most economists agree that tax cuts do indeed boost economic activity, so hopefully, these will become law.

Eliminate capital gains taxes at least for small businesses Another specific Government stuff for jump starting the economy is eliminating capital gains taxes, which are levied on investment income.

Hopefully this will get done! Ease the burden on low-income seniors The last thing low-income seniors need in a time of economic turmoil is a crushing tax burden. In all, the website claims, 27 million American seniors would not even need to file an income tax return. Simplify the tax code for all Americans Another major headache we all face is complying with the maddeningly complex tax code every April.

That said, the government arguably has a responsibility to assist workers in industries that are being outsourced. This would help the displaced workers develop new skills that will allow them to find new, similarly-compensated jobs and ease the turmoil from losing their prior job.

Encourage continued research, development, and innovation The above mentioned challenges of globalization as well as the energy crisis demand that we continue innovating.

In recognition of this, Obama has promised to make the Research and Development Tax Credit permanent. This will send a clear message to startups and existing businesses that the tax credit is there, can be depended on, and will not be phased out before they launch their next blockbuster product.

Such strategies are exactly what are needed to encourage innovation, and this should, hopefully, pass through Congress with ease. By this point, few sane people doubt the importance of switching to more eco-friendly vehicles. This simply must get done.

Increase the percentage of renewable, domestically-generated energy Sadly, we are still relying overwhelmingly on oil for our electric and heating needs. President-elect Obama plans on changing that, promising that 10 percent of our overall electricity comes from renewable sources by the yearand upping that percentage to 25 by It is commonly though that wind and solar will accomplish this, but these are actually not as cost-effective yet as many people think.

An excellent interim solution would be to use nuclear power, which France is happily and cheaply using to power their entire country. Much of that can be blamed on the blunder of the Iraq war and how it was carried out, but that is over and done with.

What President Obama must now do and says he will do is engage in diplomacy with world leaders about terrorist threats and other issues. We must re-establish the habit of talking before fighting.

Government stuff

Ensure that Iran does not develop or use a nuclear weapon One of the major, specific goals of engaging in diplomacy must be ensuring that Iran does not become a threat to us. Whether Obama opts to use direct talks, multi-party talks, sanctions, or a combination of the above, the goal of pacifying Iran is an absolute must.

Offer aid and support to Africa Recent years have shifted our attention to the suffering and atrocities taking place in Africa, from the genocides in Darfur to the widespread disease and poverty that characterizes the continent in general.

Obama can and must make this a priority. He also wants to make the Millenium Development Goals cutting extreme poverty in half by the year into American goals.The federal government is a source of many free items for people who know how to claim them.

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These range from college scholarships and grants to pet care books, vitamins, cold remedies, school supplies, stamps, sports items, coloring books, flower seeds, comic books, and much more.

Restore the ideal of “government by the people, of the people, and for the people” As a charismatic populist, Obama should encourage the return of the “government by the people, of the people, and for the people” ideal. Jun 11,  · The government can release information, although it rarely goes out of its way to (why the Freedom of Information Act and Government in the Sunshine Act exist, the essential common purposes being transparency).

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