Franz kafka a hunger artist essay

This story is a parable of the way the public looks at people and what our need for entertainment drives us to do. The ones who looked in on him had learned how to live life, while he never could. He is a martyr to the dying arts, the things that people do not care about anymore, and yet he keeps going forward. In the end he dies for his art, despite the fact he cannot do anything else, according to his own beliefs.

Franz kafka a hunger artist essay

Therefore, this paper will try to tackle only two of the possible interpretations: The story is about a hunger artist who professionally fasts for the entertainment of the people but later found himself struggling to keep his reputation and acclaim up, for the people began to slowly lose interest in his act; people even think he cheats by sneaking food; and his manager limits his fasting for forty days even though the hunger artist believes he can last longer.

Without notice, the audience deserts the hunger artist. The hunger artist hires himself out to a circus and there people only watch him because he is near the menagerie, not because they are interested in him.

He remains neglected until one day an overseer asks him if he is still fasting. The hunger artist asks for forgiveness and explains that people should not admire his fasting; he simply could never find any food he liked, but if he had, he would have eaten it.

With that, he dies. The circus replaces him in his cage with a panther. Everyone is fascinated by the vitality of the panther, and they never want to move away. Kafka sees himself in the hunger artist, his struggles as an artist himself, as a writer and as a human being- misunderstood and tormented- the apparent failure in understanding the true meaning of his works; the extent and depth of his parables and stories he felt can be truly understood by no one at times even himself.

Franz kafka a hunger artist essay

And although most of his works were posthumous, Kafka might have foreseen a great difficulty from his future readers in trying to understand his works this maybe why he had wished for all his works to be destroyed- just as the hunger artist asked the people not to appreciate his fasting in the end- he saw the frailty of an average person's mind to see his story's true worth.

The folly in people around the hunger artist, there superficiality and inconsistency as followers of the performance, is reflective of this vision of Kafka, that there can be no reader who can truly understand what he is experiencing, his thoughts and ideologies, that his stories cannot, at any rate, embody fully Kafka's true intentions, emotions and understandings.

Franz kafka a hunger artist essay

Like the Hunger artist who had exerted all his effort to show to the people how authentic and true he was with his craft, singing even just to prove that he was not cheating when the watchers leaves him alone, but all of it to no avail.

It was in these monotonies, superficialities and trivialities of human life that he saw himself discouraged and helplessly disparate from; the many failed marriages he suffered or not and the tumultuous relationship he had with his father, left a deep impression on this story, the suffering of the hunger artist, not out of starvation, but out of the lack of appreciation and understanding.

Kafka saw his human spirit and mind emaciated and deteriorated in out of the shallowness of the conventional, out of his own incapacity to fully satisfy his spiritual and intellectual needs, which seemed to be rather insatiable, with Man's known accepted logic, values and thinking, the many truths Man felt so sure about did not appeal to him- or nothing appealed to him at all.

We see this in the last words of the hunger artist, whenStarting an essay on Franz Kafka's A Hunger Artist?

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· A Hunger Artist study guide contains a biography of Franz Kafka, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and  · "A Hunger Artist" (German: "Ein Hungerkünstler") is a short story by Franz Kafka first published in Die neue Rundschau in The story was also included in the collection A Hunger Artist (Ein Hungerkünstler), the last book Kafka prepared for publication, printed by Verlag Die Schmiede after Kafka  · Through much of Franz Kafka’s writing, the reader can see how his personal experiences and viewpoints are clearly worked into his many stories.

One of which stands out is his story A Hunger Artist. In this story Kafka speaks through the hunger artist of the alienation and isolation he feels in his  · The story doesn't give us much in the way of specific geographical or chronological details, but we do learn that the hunger artist and his manager seek out various cities in Europe to put on their The narrator is a third person omniscient, able to weave in and out of different characters

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