Bruce hiebert copywriting services

My dog groomer recently vacated her suburban storefront and moved her business 8 miles southeast to a rural location. Her decision to relocate — based primarily on two very legitimate reasons: Apple may top the list for many people but, for others, Nike, Starbucks, Disney or something far more obscure might sit atop the leaderboard.

Bruce hiebert copywriting services

Stop by for a bit Get bruce hiebert copywriting services newsletter Hundreds of business owners offer their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. These inspiring entrepreneur interviews contain tons of useful tips for business owners.

Omniac Education Founder Mark Truman - Omniac Education helps students prepare for college by providing test preparation and college consulting. For those of you thinking of starting a test prep company or a tutoring business, you will find this interview both thought-provoking and inspirational.

Lisa Turner - Dr. Lisa Turner has founded a firm specializing in personal development. She shares a few entrepreneurial lessons that she's picked up along the way. Insights from Author and Entrepreneur C.

Jackson - As an author, C. Jackson recognized the power of the Internet to promote her books. That observation ultimately led to her starting a business that works with other authors to help them make the most of the Web. She works with salespeople and small business owners to help them define where they want to be and then helps them to get there.

Interview with Matt Wegner, Financial Coach - While there are myriad debt-relief solutions available, most of them don't solve the behaviors that get consumers into trouble in the first place.

Matt Wegner saw this, and started his financial coaching business to help debtors get out of financial hardship, and stay out of it. Hamilton Chan did just that, and expanded his family's business onto the Internet.

In this interview, he relates his tips for making both the family and the business run smoothly. Moose - Starting a PR firm can be a great way to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. We spoke to him about starting a photography business and how that's going for him.

If so, you'll enjoy our interview with Rene Beaulieu, founder of a fast-growth security consulting and private investigations company. Interview with 4R Marketing Founder Trish Lambert - Trish Lambert's marketing consulting firm has done well, in large part because Trish believes marketing must focus on revenue generation and be accountable for results.

We spent some time with her to hear her own entrepreneurial story. CynerGreen Founder Danelle Hoffer - Starting a green-friendly business can be a great way to become a successful entrepreneur. It's a formula that appears to be working very well for Danelle Hoffer, founder of a fast-growth water bottles company base.

Interview with David M. Stone, Founder of Photographic Solutions, Inc. Nature photographer David Stone shares his story about how a spill in the lab led to the invention of a great product.

Interview with Entrepreneur Paul Baron - about starting an online news service? We talk with the founder of HomeTownTimes.

If so, you'll love to hear this story of how successful mompreneur Nina Frye and her partner Cindi Schmitzer have done so well. In this interview, she shares her advice for turning your expertise into your own business. Interview with Lillian Sara Cauldwell - When starting an Internet talk radio station, it helps to secure a niche that listeners will love and be loyal to.

That's been a good strategy for Michigan entrepreneur Lillian Sara Cauldwell. Meet Alexandra Watkins who brought her incredible creative spirit to founding a unique marketing firm. If you are thinking about starting a consulting company, you'll enjoy this featured entrepreneur interview.

Learn more about Law Firm Suites and pick up great tips for all entrprenuers. Give this interview with Mark Black a thorough read. Mark offers many great tips to get you started.

He's an excellent speaker with a touching story and a great sense of humor. Today she is marketing and talking about her invention across the country. Interview with Accession Media Founder Josh Katinger - Starting a web development firm or an internet marketing agency?The University Libraries annually sponsors a reception to recognize and honor CMU faculty and staff who have published works in the preceding year.

The list of honorees is published here.

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Contact Information The major difference is that we do so at rates affordable on most any budget for small and mid-sized firms.
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bruce hiebert copywriting services

Featured Work. . Love it or hate it, the Oxford comma is a piece of punctuation that you should have a firm grasp of. Whether you are writing for yourself or for work, get to know the Oxford comma a little better and make sure you are using it properly.

Read "What's Stopping You? Shatter the 9 Most Common Myths Keeping You from Starting Your Own Business" by Bruce Barringer with Rakuten Kobo. “This book dispels the myths surrounding the process of starting a business, and gives hope and encouragement to people.

For example, a financial services firm targeting a wealthy clientele needs a high end look and feel with copywriting that conveys trust, competence and experience.

Based on the client’s needs, the desired action would be to go to .

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