Analysis of ya literature humor genre

Make it your own, do whatever you want with it.

Analysis of ya literature humor genre

I told a joke in my first period class. Three people in the front row slobbered.

An Ever-Growing Demand for Middle Grade Graphic Novels

Racked with guilt I decided to punish myself by reading puns. After the 29th page, I passed out. When I awoke, the ghost of George Carlin sat at my desk, writing lesson plans on analyzing humor and irony in literature.

They, unlike the comic, do not have voice inflection or physical movements to cause laughter. They do, however, have the following: When an author deliberately understates the obvious, he or she is using meiosis. Shakespeare uses understatement in Romeo and Juliet with one of his wittiest creations: The opposite of understatement, a writer uses hyperbole to exaggerate his or her point to create humor.

Before the story ends, the mother calls for help and the grandfather shoots a police officer in the shoulder.

Analysis of ya literature humor genre

A writer creates comic irony by stating one thing while meaning another. It is an application of verbal irony used with humorous intent.

He says Yes and he called me something. I says I got a notion to take a punch at you. He says Oh you have, have you? And I come back at him. I says Yes I have, have I?

Genre Guide: Young Adult Humor

Writers use ridicule to point out human folly. White, for example—and identify elements of humor and categorize which type. Imitate a humorous work with a creative writing assignment. Read several humorous works in class and instruct students to choose one to use as a model. Take a serious work and make it a parody, using humor techniques.

Assign each student a class presentation on a humorist. This post is part of the series: Language Arts lesson Plans.5 days ago · Antagonist: An Analysis of Lucy in “The Light We Lost” The young adult novel, The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo, is one of the few novels of its genre that really puts your thoughts about a protagonist into a new I truly enjoyed reading this novel because of the way it was written, I had a hard time not wanting to .

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Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

Sachar begins to expose the reader to his type of humor from the beginning. For instance, Stanley's first and last names are the same just that his last name is spelled backwards.3/5(1). Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

Analysis of ya literature humor genre

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Widow Douglas and Miss Watson - Two wealthy sisters who live together in a large house in St. Petersburg and who adopt gaunt and severe Miss Watson is the most prominent representative of the hypocritical religious and ethical values Twain criticizes in the novel.

“ People talk about books being an escape, but here on the tube, this one feels more like a lifeline The motion of the train makes her head rattle, but her eyes lock on the words the way a figure skater might choose a focal point .

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