An analysis of the works of joan jacobs brumberg

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An analysis of the works of joan jacobs brumberg

Not entirely a waste of time, but way more disappointing than I thought. The concept was a good one: However, the diaries often seemed forgotten, and that was disappointing.

A lot of her opinions I felt were forced, as though she was very much trying to conform the history to her viewpoint, often times unsuccessfully. From a historical perspective, that is certainly a good point to make.

However, flapper dresses are very loose and rectangular, and frankly much more comfortable and unrestrained than the fashions women had been wearing previously.

Again, a fair point, but she really tries to drive it home with tampons and pads, and seems to think the only reason we use them is because of commercialism. Lastly, and this occurred at the end of the book and made me thoroughly fed up, was her discussion of homosexuality amongst women.

This may be how she wrote about it, but it came off through her wording as if she felt this was somehow a result of exposure and women "became" or "chose to be" gay all of a sudden due to the changing times.

It seemed like an incredibly backward and conservative discussion - not that she came off as though she hated gay people, but it DID come off as something she knew little about.

An analysis of the works of joan jacobs brumberg

She actually states at one point that in the late 70s, women began to feel that being gay "was an option. That, along with basing her entire historical perspective of people getting piercings around it being trendy among gay people in San Francisco and New York, and particularly emphasizes how it went along with sexual practices.

Regardless, wherever a trend started, I highly, highly doubt that the bajillion girls I knew in high school getting belly button, nose, eyebrow, and cartilage piercings were doing it to express some intense sexual practice.

It seems a completely obvious point, but she boiled it down to, "See?

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An analysis of the works of joan jacobs brumberg

Educational documentary films on An analysis of the five forces of the tobacco industry media literacy, gender, race, An analysis of lagos amorality in othello by william shakespeare class, and commericalism. It an analysis of the works of joan jacobs brumberg is.

As an historical approach to anorexia nervosa Joan Jacobs Brumberg does a fantastic job. One can follow the social construction of the disease through society's .


Brumberg's provocative historical analysis of the experience of growing up in a female body during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries in America. The Body Project€will interest a wide variety of readers.

Mothers and daughters of all ages will find it fascinating. The Body Project provides information about the book, the author and her work, as well as her perspective on the history of American adolescent girls and the ways in which the body has become their most important project.

INTRODUCTION The Body as Evidence By Joan Jacobs Brumberg At the close of the twentieth century, the female body poses an enormous problem for American girls, and it does so because of the culture in which we live.

THE BODY PROJECT by Joan Jacobs Brumberg | Kirkus Reviews