An analysis of the disagreement of the chinese kinship and the role of women in chinese society

References and Further Reading 1. The Concepts of Culture in Contemporary Political Theory Multiculturalism is before anything else a theory about culture and its value.

An analysis of the disagreement of the chinese kinship and the role of women in chinese society

Both works of literature were originally written in Chinese and translated later to English. The common feature in these books is that they contain Chinese history and many of the themes are similar. Though depicting different times in the history of China, they both give the reader a glimpse into the daily life of the Chinese in a traditional setting.

Although these literary works can be analyzed and interpreted differently, there is one theme, which stands out in both, that is the role of gender in traditional Chinese life. This paper sets out to analyze both books and shed light into how gender was an important aspect of Chinese culture, including the purpose that members of both sets of gender, more so women served in their society.

The Story of the Stone: The Golden Days provides an interesting read, especially with its enormous cast of female characters. This book does well to portray the domestic life of the Chinese in the 18th century.

It is more of a love story, which delves into the intrigues of wealth and societal status. The author throughout the book portrays women as protagonists, a move contrary to that of previous authors from earlier times.

This is not a common feature in Chinese literature given the fact that their society has always been patriarchal. The role of women as embodied in this book brings out the writer as a pro feminist.

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Women are responsible for most of the happenings in the society at the time, more so in the setting provided. The book can be interpreted simply as a form of literature defining the Chinese societal norms during the time it was set. Other than the outstanding theme of gender, there are others such as education, family and sibling rivalry.

Reality and illusion form a central part of the story given that it was initially set in a mythical realm before it was manifested in the actual world.

Traditionally, the Chinese people are very religious and mythical, with their culture being an infusion of supernatural beliefs intertwined with real occurrences. For instance, the story begins with a mythical stone, which is a supernatural entity that finds its way into the mortal world.

The stone is endowed with consciousness. Its fate is entangled with that of a creature from the Land of Illusion, as it is responsible for its transformation into a fairy girl Cao This creature vows to repay him with a debt of tears. In the real world, the main male character is born with a jaded spoon in his mouth and growing up is romantically entangled with a sickly girl who is a representation of the creature from the land of illusion.

These excerpts are proof of Chinese cultural belief in mythology. From above it is clear how the author intended for the reader to be acquainted with the life of the Chinese people over the centuries. As a reader, I was able to comprehend how this society has undergone transformation over time to what it is today, especially where women are concerned.

The love story in the book is the beginning of trouble for the family the author is discussing. In a society where women were betrothed to potential husbands long before they became adults, love between persons other than those intended for them was tragic.

This is among the roles women are subjected to in the Chinese culture.

An analysis of the disagreement of the chinese kinship and the role of women in chinese society

There is no room for deciding their course of action as far as marriage is concerned. The main male character who loves a woman, despite him being destined to marry another, suffers this fate. Given an opportunity, they would have been married, despite opposition even from the supernatural realm where the fairy girl swore to avenge the stone through a debt of tears.

The author further portrays women as guards of the home. This is evident through his use of various characters to depict how they would go to any lengths to protect their families and advance their interests. She often provides a voice of reason whenever any crisis looms in the household.

An analysis of the disagreement of the chinese kinship and the role of women in chinese society

This is despite the fact that she is in charge of a very large compound of extended family members. One particular aunt fusses over the large family and can be said to be almost perfect in maintaining peace, not to mention how well she gets along with the matriarch. However, one of the more depressing characteristics of women in this book is the subordinate nature.

They have been made to resign to less dominant roles, more often defined by their sexuality. Those that are married have to contend with the moral indiscretions of their husbands.Therefore, the father-son relationship was the foundation of Chinese society.

Confucius taught that a harmonious society was achieved by recognizing one's proper role in all relationships with each other, whether one was an emperor or a common citizen.

of tradition still remains evidently in contemporary Chinese society, especially in the overseas Chinese communities. an important guide to Chinese culture. Indeed, they have had an important role in constituting and maintaining Chinese culture throughout Chinese history, and still Chinese kinship terms for maternal grandfather and.

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- This essay will explore how Classical Chinese literature written during the Ming Dynasty illustrates the social role that women played in the traditional Chinese marriage.

Issues and traditions that greatly affected women`s roles in the family and society included lineage, male dominance, families position in society, grounds and. The single-child policy and its impact on Chinese kinship terms among kindergarten children in Shanghai/ Xiaoxue Dai Dai, Xiaoxue, "The single-child policy and its impact on Chinese kinship terms among kindergarten children in Shanghai/" ().

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