Academic writing images inspiration

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Academic writing images inspiration

Circus Ponies Notebook for Academic Writing e. You might want to read that entry first. What do you need to write a scientific text? Besides skill and training, you need to have the information available with their sources in the right order.

Circus Ponies Notebook can help you with this. I had a lot of trouble remembering scientific information and consequently writing an article or text. After some toying around with different ways to organize my reading and note-taking, I came up with the following academic reading work flow: A possible workflow aboutchanged over time.

Essentially, you use Circus Ponies Notebook and its outline pages to collect material, create the structure, make sure the logic of the argument is correct, collect results, etc. You build a huge bone skeleton of all the necessary information you have to have available for writing.

If you have collected everything and found an order that works, you write down the text with a text editor I strongly recommend using Scriveneri. Source Article, Book Chapter, Book, etc. It starts with reading an academic text or whatever you want to refer to, I also have presentations and fictional literature in my Bibliography.

I prefer reading on the computer. While I remember more when I write my notes with a pen on paper, it takes longer and I have to type in the information anyway. So going from a. Structure of the Bibliography file The Bibliography. I have made dividers for each letter of the alphabet and one for numbers.

The dividers automatically have a tab on the side of the page which makes navigation easy.


I use the surname of the first author to sort the page into the bibliography. The dividers themselves use auto-sort, so I just have to select an entry somewhere in the C-divider, press enter, type in the name of the author starting with C in this caseand after I finished typing it automatically appears at the right place.

Below you see a part of the Table of Contents: Having one outline page for each literature text you read is really helpful.

The style changed over time. Find something that works for you. Structure of the notes page in the bibliography page The page is titled with the source of the article as I would have to cite it e. I usually copy-paste the citation in the first cell of the page and copy the.

The files are all collected in a folder called cp-bib-files. It is easy to backup a CPN file with only text than backing up a file that contains over a hundred.

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As further structure I usually follow the structure of the original text, but I include higher-level summaries in the outline e. If an image or a figure is important, I usually copy-paste it from the.

I do not link the images because they are necessary to understand the notes. If I loose the source file I can find it again. If I loose the image, I do not know what the text refers to. Below you see three pages in my Bibliography as an example: However, I have since put all the PDFs into a separate database.

Looking back I would be careful with linking files — if you do not copy them into the CPN file you must make very sure that you keep the folder with the files intact. If you copy them, the file soon gets unwieldy.

academic writing images inspiration

One reason why the literature is now in a separate database. You can easily make hierarchical outlines and fold in the parts you do not need at the moment.

Tagging the cells with the source information. Great to construct a writing outline. Marking every cell on the page with the Source After I am finished with note taking and writing down my own conclusions about the article usually in red and in […] to remember that these were my thoughts and not those of the authorsI mark every cell with the source.

academic writing images inspiration

This is very easy and goes really fast. For example, the article is by Hidi and Renninger and was published in "Good artists copy, great artists steal." —Steve Jobs. When you're stuck on something, the best thing to do is to step away and look around.

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I must admit, some of my best prayer time comes out of sleepless nights. Find this Pin and more on Creative Inspiration by Kristie Anderson. Sometimes he wants me to pray for someone, wants to talk to me or have me read my Bible & devotion to learn something.

When looking for writing inspiration or any kind of inspiration at all, the famous phrase goes that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Therefore, if a picture is worth a thousand words, taking in the images, history, and details of architectural structures in person is priceless.

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